Your clients are just a click away, with Edge Technology Partners.

How do businesses and customers connect? Today, people search for products and services using the local city guide of the major search engines. By entering a zip code and a word or two describing what you want, and then clicking the search button, the results are immediate. The search yields a list of related businesses. We want yours to be one of them. The business with a link to its website will be the next click the potential customer makes. This click can be the beginning of a new business relationship.

Today, an online identity is a crucial strategy for a healthy business. Your website identifies who you are and what products and services you offer to prospective consumers. Customers directly associate the quality of your website with the quality of your products or services. By directly impacting customer confidence, loyalty and customer satisfaction, a custom website design from Edge Technology Partners can enhance your business from virtually every angle.

Here at Edge Technology Partners we believe that successful Internet marketing should integrate with your traditional marketing efforts. We pride ourselves on getting to know you, and what sets you apart, so as to create the best online representation possible. Website design and management play key roles in marketing strategies, and Edge Technology Partners is here to assist you in this exciting venture.

Do you have an Online Strategy?
A successful website requires a solid strategy. We can help you identify the goals and objectives for your online strategy, and help to identify new opportunities for increased revenue and cost savings.
Extend you advertising dollars
Do you have a traditional print brochure? If so, it’s the perfect place to start. Extend you advertising dollars by creating an online brochure site. A brochure site can be the keystone of your marketing strategy. It’s an affordable way for you to turn potential customers into actual customers, by providing relevant information about your products or services online.